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New Year, New You doesn’t need to be a NEW-sance.

A brand-new year is upon us and with it is the hordes of people that have decided that this is the year they finally get control of their fitness.

For those who are not starting that gym-life journey but continuing it, this time of year can be a lot like a Hollywood Zombie movie. The hordes shuffle into the gym like mindless zombies, shambling from machine to machine, not knowing what they are doing. They get in the way and throw off our game. Within a few days, the hordes shamble in less. This is because of a combination of some giving up and others being too sore from going too hard, too fast.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for people starting their fitness journey, and I want them to get all the health and happiness that they deserve. At the same time, I have a well-established journey, and sometimes they can get in the way of that routine. So, here are some of the tips that I have come up with to combat the New Year New-sance.


I know that this one is obvious, but you’ll need to remind yourself. When you started your fitness journey, there were people already at the gym that also felt that you might be getting in the way. Remember that we all start somewhere and that you might have to untangle a newbie from a machine once or twice.


If there are many people on the machines that you need to go on, or they are stuck so bad that the fire & rescue needs to be called, you might have to adapt your workout. Sure, it’s a pain, but as long as you hit those muscle groups or cardio goals, then no harm.


Relax, I’m not saying that you need to get your pom-poms out and start cheerleading for the gym newbies. However, a little encouragement might go a long way to ensure they continue their journey. Remember when you were starting? How good would you feel if someone gave you a “doing good” nod or a thumbs up? Be that for someone else, and it can’t hurt.


Most likely, there will be a considerable number of new people at your gym, and within a few weeks, it’ll go back to the same group it was before Christmas with maybe a handful of newbies that will stick it out. You will still be the star of the gym with your Plusletics Apparel that you got for Christmas. Wait, you didn’t get some for Christmas? Well, instead of New Year, New You, it can be New Year, New Gear with new Plusetics.

The final thought is, keep positive and give positivity to others. While it can be inconvenient, remember this as well, the extra income helps the gym. It might be time to ask them for a coffee machine or new cold-water filter.

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