What can be written about Scott Black that he hasn’t said himself? A lot really because I don’t like to talk about myself. Also, I don’t like writing in the third person so that is going to stop now.

Welcome to my page. I’m glad that you were interested enough in me to have a look at my bio.

A picture of Scott as a small child. Chubby little bugger.
Look at that little bugger, eh? So frickin’ cute.

To keep it simple, I was born in a very rural area in the United States called Vermont. Stuff happened. Some of it still under a legal statute of limitations so I’ll write about it in a few years.

In 2001, I moved to Australia, and here my life really got started. I have a wonderful wife and two amazingly creative, smart, and hilarious children.

The one thing I have always done, though, is be creative. I’ve always loved to write and have spent more time with my imagination that actual people. That might sound a tad serial killer-ish, but it has a happy ending. I put my efforts to better use on paper than experimenting with knives and people. Let’s call that a win.

A picutrte of young Scott with a bow on his head.
I’m the present! Come On! That’s comedy!

I have done a lot of jobs over the years, I’ve been an actor, comedian, professional wrestler, grave digger, radio presenter, television host, security guard, general grunt, and manager of a community radio and television stations. None of that is in order.

Scott hosting "The Late Nite Show"
Co-hosting with ALF on “The Late Nite Show”

I have been a writer the entire time, and in this stage of my life, I have dedicated as much time as I can to it. In 2019 alone, I wrote nine screenplays, 11 television pilots, seven books (ghost-written), and 22 children’s book. Happily, I’ve also written hundreds of greeting card inscriptions…people just tend to ask me to do that.

Scott professional wrestling in 2010
A wrestling shot…because some people don’t believe me.

Then there’s stand-up comedy. In the past two years, I have written 37 hours of stand-up for comedians from all over the globe.

What I’m getting at is that I love to write, and I love to get paid to write. So if you are looking for someone to write for you or with you, chances are I’m your guy.

A confused looking Scott reading an upside down dictionary.
I look forward to working with you.